Questions Asked by Job Seekers


Why put my resume on www.SplashJamaica.com?


You can advertise your skills to all companies across the Jamaica  and the world.
Recruiters can find you before you find them.  Your resume can easily be kept up-to-date.

Do I need to pay to register with www.SplashJamaica.com?


No, jobseekers can create profiles free of charge.

I am entering my username and password yet still cannot login?

Your username and password are case sensitive so please ensure you type them correctly. If this does not work you can use the "Forgot Your Password" feature which will resend your username and password or you can refer to your registration confirmation mail in your inbox. If you have any further questions e-mail us at info@SplashJamaica.com.

Do I need to pay to upload my resume?

No, this is a free service for jobseekers where you upload your resume to a database from where prospective employers can view your career profile.

What information is made public?

Only your name, qualifications, career details and references will be made public unless requested otherwise. It will be available only to prospective employers who have paid to access this information.

For more information on Privacy click here: http://www.www.SplashJamaica.com/privacy.aspx

How long will my resume be available for?

Your resume will always be available until the moment you update it and replace it online.

How do I upload my resume?

You can post your resume by signing up with www.SplashJamaica.com here and creating a profile. If you have already signed up with us you can login at the top of the page. Once you have signed up or logged in you can follow the easy steps through from the "Manage Your Resume" link. Only text files can be uploaded to the site (Word, Text or RTF)

You can upload the most recent version of your resume which will replace your existing one. The link to your resume in your profile will display the date of the last upload.

How can I add my Cover Letter?


You can copy and paste your cover letter into the Cover Letter textbox indicated when you are applying for jobs you have searched.

Why can't I delete old Resume?

You can delete your resume by logging in and clicking on Manage Your Resume > Upload Resume Document and clicking on the Delete button beside View Current Resume.

My resume takes too long to upload, why?

You must ensure that your resume is a manageable size. This would mean avoiding the use of pictures, logos, etc. and ensuring it is only text content. It is also a good idea to ensure that the resume does not exceed two pages.

Can I post or e-mail my resume?


It is strongly recommended that you upload your resume. This ensures it is instantly stored in a searchable format for prospective employers. Your cover letter may vary with each application so you can copy and paste a new version in when you apply.

Why haven't I had a response to my application?

Once you apply online for a job, an e-mail is sent to the employer, it is up to them to contact you should they wish to continue the application procedure.

How can I be sure my application has been received?


You will receive an e-mail confirming the submission to the employer.

Can foreign nationals apply for jobs via www.SplashJamaica.com?

Yes, however it would be a good idea to state in your profile or correspondence where you are based and whether or not you have a relevant employment visa for the work location.

How can I contact the recruiter about my application?

You must do so using contact details provided by them in the job ad.

How can I hear about the latest jobs?

You will receive an email each week with the latest jobs advertised in the industry/industries you select when you register.

How can I change the email address I have registered with?

To change your current email address, log into your  SplashJamaica account and click on 'Update Account Details'. From there you can change any of your details previously submitted, including your password. When you change your email or password, remember to store new details sent to you by SplashJamaica.

I have changed my email address, and am now no longer receiving jobs by email, what do I need to do now?

If you are not receiving 'Jobs by email' at your new email address, try clicking on the 'Don't send email' option, for all your emails, then clicking them back to 'Send emails'. This should fix it.

How do I delete my  www.SplashJamaica.comaccount?


You send a request to  info@SplashJamaica.com to have your account disabled.

How will building an account and profile help me?

You have the benefit of being able to upload your resume which will be sent to employers everytime you apply for a job. Your resume will also be made available to Employers who search our site.

I just want to apply online, do I have to fill in the profile?

No, you can still search and apply for jobs online without registering with us.

How do recruiters use my profile?

Employers will be able to search through our resume database only based on industry and keywords (e.g., Tax Consultant, SQL, Java, Electrical Engineer) so the skills in your resume will allow your resume be seen.

How do I delete my profile from www.SplashJamaica.com?

You can send a mail to ' info@SplashJamaica.com' to have your resume removed from your profile or else just replace it with an empty file.