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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The following description of job responsibility and standards is intended to reflect the major responsibilities and duties of the job, but is not intended to describe minor duties and other responsibilities as may be assigned.

Back Office Administration – Client Records

Manage client records and prepare electronic charts as required

Provide Patient Manager user support for clinical users or front office by suggesting and documenting specifications for modifying forms or reports and assisting with the related customization's.

Prepare and upload fallible forms and templates for mail merge and reports

Ensure important data required by clinicians, for example; diagnostic and procedure codes are available for use.

Prepare templates for general use by clinicians such as specialty templates, referrals, sleep study, lab/ radiology requisitions via Patient Manager

Prepare general form-letters/templates including email for client communication.

General Data Management Support

Set up and maintain indexed electronic filing of important Company documents such as correspondence, invoices, forms, statements, reports, agreements using agreed upon file naming convention and file storage protocols.

Set in place a process for timely scanning, saving and backup of afore mentioned documents which are currently stored in paper files ensuring that access to confidential documents is restricted by User ID to management users.

Monitor user compliance with data storage and usage policies/protocols and procedures.

Set up and maintain electronic contact list for the Practice for all business contacts using info obtained from phone messages, invoices, electronic or paper correspondence, business cards

Set up electronic versions of data logs, including but not limited to, General Incident Log, Computer equipment and software incident log, waiting lists. Train team members in the purpose and procedure for adding and updating logs.

Monitor and update Business Continuity plan

Systems & Compliance Oversight

Help maintain Operations Manual by adding and logging approved updates with new or changes to systems, procedures and protocols, ensure these are disseminated to relevant team members

Ensure team members know and follow procedures for client support, expenses, supplies, use of logs and follow other office systems and protocols.

Information Technology (IT) Structure Oversight & Monitoring

Manage and maintain IT Structure document with updates of new equipment or software and major changes in configuration

Set up and maintain a system for logging malfunction or other incidents with the IT System, interventions and resolution

Set-up and maintain a work order system for documenting work or repairs for report to management and following up on related work orders, documenting action, resolution or changes

Monitor computer equipment/software maintenance schedule as applicable

Team support for use of computer system, help resolve minor problems and monitor team compliance with IT policy

Administrative Support

Set up Calendar/Schedule in Microsoft Office Outlook for the Practice including important events and dates eg, start of financial year, renewal dates, deadlines (eg Companies Office Returns, special taxes, meetings, booking of conference room, time away of key personnel (eg vacation/conference/training), meetings, training times, equipment servicing (defibrillator, clinical equipment, air conditioning).

Oversee/assist with set up integrated system of Outlook calendars for directors, reception and administration with capability of sharing relevant dates/events.

Record meeting notes as requested documenting actionable items and following up when required.

Accounting & Management Reports

Maintain monthly payable s calendar to ensure timely payment of recurring expenses.

Keep track of invoices, purchase orders and receipts, follow through approval and payment process

Ensure current accounting records by logging & posting receivables and schedules using accounting software. Generate reports as needed for monthly monitoring of outflows.

Develop and maintain a comprehensive inventory system for monitoring capital and usable inventory (clinical and office supplies)

Generate regular and on-demand reports for management’s use in decision making including clinical or income activity from Patient Manager as specified.

Assets & Inventory

Develop and maintain a comprehensive system for monitoring capital, supplies and usable inventory (clinical and office supplies)

Schedule and oversee ordering of supplies via purchase order system

Ensure team members know how to submit relevant data (consumed inventory), supply requests, etc as applicable

Maintain a complete log of existing and acquired company assets including purchase information, item description, serial numbers, and indexed files of purchase documents along with warranty/insurance data and maintenance schedule.


Monitor and maintain website and social media sites such as Facebook page to ensure content stays current.

Log and resolve issues associated with these platforms.

Self Management

Since most of the activities associated with this position are to be carried out on different schedules (daily, weekly, monthly), create a calendar using Outlook and schedule each type of activity to ensure proper governance of job duties.

Help to reduce the risk of disclosure pertaining to patient information and accounting documentation by maintaining a clean desk policy when absent from regular workstation.

Ensure that computer equipment being used by yourself is locked when you are absent from your regular workstation.

Reception and Clinical Support Cover Off

Answering queries

Manage client records/prepare files

Client check in/check out and flow management

Billing and collections

Administer sleep test

Practitioner support – prepare rooms, assist with procedures, disposal etc

Clinical inventory

General facility oversight

Kingston Medical Practice

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Administrative Officer

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Monday, April 16, 2018 16:27:10

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Medical Professionals & Healthcare


Montego Bay and St James

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