Career Advice

Emailing Applications

If you choose to use your personal email account for submitting applications, ensure that you make it easy for your prospective employer to download and view your application. Everything necessary to the application should be included in one attached document. For example, an application requiring a cover letter and a resume should consist of one attached electronic document starting with the cover letter and ending with the resume.

Do not include substantive information in the covering email itself other than the job reference. Merely indicate what is included in the attachment.

If you were to include substantive information in the covering email not only would you require the employer to download the document you have attached to the email, but also to save the email itself to a computer. But emails do not look professional if printed out or viewed as a saved document.

If you apply to a job advert posted on www.SplashJamaica.com  using the on-line job application facility then your covering letter will automatically be combined with your resume and sent to the employer.