Career Advice

Placing Your Resume On-Line

Many job vacancies are filled without ever being advertised. This means that in order to maximise your chances of being considered for more jobs, recruiters need to know that you are looking for employment without an advert ever being published.

www.SplashJamaica.com   lets you make recruiters aware that you are open to approaches of employment or are actively looking for employment by letting you place your resume on-line.

On www.SplashJamaica.com  you can:
  • Upload a resume you have already created in Word format;
  • 'Cut and Paste' a resume on to the site; or,

Recruiters will search for suitable resumes and therefore candidates using key words and other criteria and be able to approach you without ever needing to advertise should you be the kind of employee they are looking for. You should therefore ensure that you include in your resume all the keywords that a recruiter is likely to use to sift on-line resumes.