Career Advice

Networking Skills

Many jobs are filled without ever being advertised. Your aim as a job seeker is to make it known to potential employers that you are looking for work and that you are open to approaches. One way to achieve this is clearly to include your resume in your Splashfiji.com account where it can be seen by employers.

Other ways include:
  • attending professional events
  • speaking to friends and relatives
  • keeping in touch with school professors and fellow students
  • frequenting places where professionals are gathered (get an introduction but don't talk shop on first meeting - few people appreciate being contacted only because you want something from them)
  • mingle with others in your organisation who are likely to know about
  • opportunities. You can mention that you are considering trying to advance
  • your career to those you trust to be confidential - let them mention
  • any opportunities that they may be aware of
  • if you have a friend who is in employment try attending office functions
  • with them and ask them to introduce you to their boss (only attend if outsiders are allowed)